Rent, Lease or Purchase

Rental Program

Renting Uniforms from Capital Uniform is a streamlined and painless process. Our team will guide you through the process of setting your company up for a Rental Program. Once your sizes and style choices are selected a weekly pick up schedule will be set. All garments will we picked up on your chosen day, laundered, repaired or replaced if needed and returned your next delivery. It is that simple. Each garment is hand inspected once it is cleaned to ensure all damages are immediately taken care of before returned to your company. Every aspect of any of our Rental Programs is to ensure your company looks clean ad professional and allows you to get back to business.

  • Rental Program
    • Weekly laundering and delivery service
    • Automatic inspection and repair of garments, providing consistent garment quality
    • Automatic replacement of worn out garments
    • Replacement for size changes
  • Services
    • Convenient ordering with on-site Service Representative
    • Regularly scheduled pick-up and delivery of uniforms
    • On-site fitting services
    • Company logo application onto apparel
  • Products
    • Wide selection of Men’s and Women’s professional and work wear apparel
    • Uniforms designed to withstand the most rigorous work environments and weekly industrial laundering
    • Access to specialized apparel such as enhanced and high-visibility and flame resistant solutions

Leasing and Purchasing Programs are available. Call 845-831-0575 for more information.